Electric Kitchen Chimneys | How They Work

Electric Kitchen Chimney

Electric Kitchen Chimneys, or range hoods, are appliances installed above a stove or cooktop in a kitchen to remove smoke, steam, and cooking fumes. They typically consist of a canopy or hood, a fan, and a filter and are designed to vent the air outside the home or recirculate it back into the kitchen after … Read more

Types Of Chimneys In A Modular Kitchen

Types Of Chimneys In A Modular Kitchen

In a modular kitchen, a chimney is an important appliance that helps remove smoke, odors, and grease generated during cooking. Different types of chimneys are available in the market, each with unique features and benefits. Some of the most common types of Chimneys in a Modular Kitchen are: 1. Wall-Mounted Chimney: This is the most … Read more

Understanding the Components of a Kitchen Exhaust System

Kitchen Exhaust System

A kitchen exhaust system is designed to remove smoke, heat, grease, and odors generated by cooking appliances such as stovetops, ovens, and grills. The primary function of a kitchen exhaust system is to improve the indoor air quality of the kitchen area by removing airborne contaminants. A typical kitchen exhaust system comprises a hood, ductwork, … Read more

Do Kitchen Chimneys Truly Reduce Heat? Exploring Functionality, Myths, Benefits

Does kitchen chimney reduce heat

In the realm of kitchen appliances, the kitchen chimney has emerged as a fundamental addition that not only enhances the visual appeal but also serves a vital purpose. Among the inquiries frequently posed by homeowners is whether a kitchen chimney effectively reduces the heat generated during cooking. To comprehend this query, it is crucial to … Read more

What are The Disadvantages Of a Kitchen Chimney?


In the realm of modern kitchen design, the ubiquitous presence of kitchen chimneys stands as a testament to technological advancements in home appliances, promising efficient smoke and odor extraction, thus enhancing the cooking experience. However, amidst their widespread integration, it becomes imperative to explore not just their merits but also the potential drawbacks and limitations … Read more

How Kitchen Chimney Works | Easy Guide

How Kitchen Chimney Works

A Kitchen Chimney draws smoke, steam, and cooking odors out through filters and a fan. This helps to keep the air in your kitchen clean and fresh and reduces the amount of moisture and heat that can build up. Main Components Of Kitchen Chimney A kitchen chimney, also known as a range hood, comprises several … Read more

9 Reasons Why A Kitchen Should be Well Ventilated | Everything Explained

Why A Kitchen Should be Well Ventilated

The kitchen is an essential part of any home, and it is where many daily activities take place, such as cooking, baking, and washing dishes. A kitchen ventilation system is designed to remove smoke, heat, steam, grease, and cooking odors from the kitchen area. Kitchen ventilation systems are typically installed in commercial kitchens, restaurants, and … Read more