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In modern kitchens, a chimney is an essential appliance that helps to remove smoke, heat, steam, and grease from the cooking area, ensuring a clean and comfortable environment.

However, the accumulation of grease and oil in the filters of a kitchen chimney can be a daunting task to clean, and neglecting the cleaning process can lead to clogging, affecting the chimney’s efficiency.

To solve this issue, an Auto Clean Kitchen chimney has been introduced in the market, equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism to remove accumulated grease and oil automatically.

Auto-clean kitchen chimneys have gained popularity due to their ease of use and convenience.

The working mechanism of these chimneys involves capturing the contaminants, filtering them through a series of filters to remove smoke, grease, and other particles, and then cleaning the filters automatically through a thermal auto-cleaning mechanism.

The auto-cleaning mechanism consists of an oil collector tray that collects the oil and grease from the filters, and the automatic mode is triggered by a button or remote control.

When activated, the chimney heats up the oil and grease that have been collected, causing them to turn into ash, which is then collected in the tray.

In summary, Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys provide a practical and convenient solution for keeping your kitchen free from grease and oil buildup.

This article will delve into the details of the working mechanism of auto-clean kitchen chimneys and their benefits, highlighting their importance in modern kitchens.

What is an Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney?

An Auto Clean kitchen chimney is a type of chimney that is equipped with a self-cleaning mechanism to remove the accumulated grease and oil.

These chimneys are becoming increasingly popular in modern kitchens because of their convenience and ease of use.

The working mechanism of an Auto Clean kitchen chimney is as follows:

1. Capturing:

Like other kitchen chimneys, an Auto Clean kitchen chimney is designed to capture smoke, heat, steam, and grease from cooking equipment.

The chimney is installed directly above the cooktop to capture the contaminants.

2. Filtering:

Once the smoke, heat, steam, and grease are captured, they are filtered through filters to remove grease, smoke, and other particles.

The filters in an auto-clean chimney are typically made of stainless steel or aluminum mesh and are designed to trap the oil and grease.

3. Auto cleaning:

The auto-clean mechanism is designed to clean the filters automatically.

The mechanism consists of a separate oil collector tray, which collects the oil and grease trapped in the filters.

The tray is located at the bottom of the chimney and can be easily removed and cleaned.

4. Automatic mode:

The auto-clean chimney has an automatic mode triggered by a button or a remote control.

When the automatic mode is activated, the chimney heats up the oil and grease collected in the oil collector tray.

The heat causes the oil and grease to turn into ash, which is then collected in the tray. This process is called thermal auto-cleaning.

5. Manual cleaning:

Even with the auto-clean mechanism, it is still important to clean the chimney manually periodically.

The frequency of manual cleaning depends on the amount of cooking done in the kitchen. Manual cleaning involves removing and cleaning the filters with soap and water.

Working Mechanism of an Auto Clean Kitchen Chimney:

Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys

Auto-clean kitchen chimneys typically have an aluminum non-stick turbine blower that captures fumes from cooking.

As the fumes pass through the blower, the oil droplets are pushed toward the wall of the blower due to centrifugal force.

These oil droplets are then collected in a detachable collector bowl, which must be washed monthly based on usage.

Cleaning this chimney is effortless as users only need to press the ‘auto clean’ control button while cooking, eliminating extra effort.

Features of Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys:

Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys working mechanism

Auto-clean kitchen chimneys come with various features that make them popular among homeowners.

Here are some of the features of auto-clean kitchen chimneys:

1. Auto Clean Mechanism:

One of the most significant features of auto-clean kitchen chimneys is the self-cleaning mechanism.

This feature eliminates manual cleaning, making it more convenient and hassle-free for homeowners.

2. Multiple Speed Settings:

Auto-clean kitchen chimneys usually come with multiple speed settings, allowing you to adjust the suction power according to your cooking needs.

3. LED Lighting:

Many auto-clean kitchen chimneys have built-in LED lighting that provides ample illumination for your cooking area.

4. Touch Controls:

Most auto-clean kitchen chimneys are equipped with touch controls, making it easy to operate the appliance.

5. Noise Reduction:

Auto-clean kitchen chimneys are designed to operate quietly, reducing noise levels in the kitchen.

6. Filter Indicators:

Some auto-clean kitchen chimneys come with filter indicators that alert you when it’s time to clean the filters, ensuring that the chimney operates efficiently.

7. Heat Auto Clean Technology:

Some auto-clean chimneys have advanced heat auto-clean technology, eliminating the need for a separate oil collector tray.

The technology automatically heats up and vaporizes the oil and grease, which is then collected in a separate container.

5 best Auto Clean Kitchen Chimneys:

Here are the top 5 auto clean kitchen chimneys, based on customer reviews and ratings:

  1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – WD HAC TOUCH BF 60
  2. Faber 60 cm 1500 m³/hr Auto Clean Chimney – HOOD ZENITH PB 60
  3. Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – Nevio 60
  4. Glen 60cm, 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney – 6071 EX Black
  5. Bosch 90 cm 800 m3/h Auto Clean Chimney – DWB098D50I

It is essential to note that the best auto-clean kitchen chimney for you may depend on factors such as the size of your kitchen, cooking habits, and budget.

Therefore, it is recommended to research and compare various options before making a purchase decision.

Best Auto Clean Chimneys Available Online:

Hindware Nevio 90 Auto Clean ChimneyRs 24,990 – 13,990
Glen Auto Clean Chimney 6066 SS AC 60cm Baffle filtersRs 25,995 -12,995
Glen Auto Clean Chimney 6066 SS AC 60cm Baffle filtersRs 29,990 -17,290
SUNFLAME 60cm 1100 m3/hr Auto Clean ChimneyRs 18,990 – 8,999
Elica BF 60 Auto clean kitchen ChimneyRs 23,990 – 12,999

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Which chimney is better, filter or filterless?

There is no straightforward answer as to whether a filter or filterless chimney is better, as both types have advantages and disadvantages.

A filter chimney uses a mesh or baffle filter to trap grease and smoke particles before releasing air outside. In contrast, a filterless chimney uses a high-speed airflow to separate and capture oil and grease particles.

Filter chimneys require regular cleaning and replacement of filters, while filterless chimneys may require periodic maintenance to clean the interior surfaces.

Filter chimneys are generally more effective at trapping smoke and odors, but filterless chimneys offer higher suction power and quieter operation.

Ultimately, the choice between a filter and a filterless chimney depends on personal preferences and the specific requirements of the kitchen.

2. Which Chimney is Easiest to clean?

Filterless chimneys are generally considered easier to clean than filter chimneys, as they do not require regular replacement of filters.

Instead, the internal surfaces of filterless chimneys can be easily wiped down or cleaned with a mild detergent solution to remove accumulated oil and grease particles.

However, the specific ease of cleaning can also depend on the design and construction of the chimney, as well as the accessibility of its internal surfaces.

3. Why should we prefer Auto Clean chimney?

Auto-clean chimneys are preferred because they use advanced technology to automatically clean the internal surfaces and filters of the chimney, eliminating the need for manual cleaning.

These chimneys typically use a heating element to liquefy and collect oil and grease particles in a separate container, which can be easily removed and cleaned.

This saves time and effort in cleaning, ensures that the chimney operates at peak efficiency, and reduces the risk of fire hazards.

Auto clean chimneys also tend to have a longer lifespan as they are better maintained and have reduced wear and tear from manual cleaning.

Overall, auto clean chimneys offer a convenient and efficient solution for maintaining clean and functional kitchen ventilation.

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